Who are we?

An International Christian Fellowship that is:


Victory English Fellowship is a mission oriented church. We believe in fulfilling the great commission, and that the greatest gift we can give is the knowledge of salvation in Christ. We have annual mission trips to Japan and Thailand, as well as numerous outreach events during the year.


Taiwan is a country with a growing Christian population. Due to the presence of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in the world, and the presence of multiple large universities, Hsinchu has a large population of foreign workers and students. VEF provides a house of worship for people from many denominational backgrounds.


It is difficult enough to make it in today's world, and living in an international context can be challenging. Jesus said that the greatest commandment in scripture is to love God with with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. He also said that the second greatest was to love your neighbor as yourself. At VEF, our goal is to help people live that out.

Ministry Team

Coworkers in Christ
John Olson

John Olson


Pastor John is an ordained minister in the Church of the Lutheran Brethren, and a graduate of the Lutheran Brethren Theological Seminary. John and his family have been at VEF since 2012. He and his wife Caristy have four children, Nikolas, Mikah, Hadassah, and Stephen.

Darren Carter

Darren Carter


Pastor Darren is an ordained minister in the Congregational Methodist Church, and a graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary. Darren and his family have been at VEF since July of 2017. He and his wife Cynthia have one adult son, Adam.

Our Worship Services

VEF Offers two worship service options each Sunday.
9:00 Morning Service

9:00 Morning Service

Start your day off right!

Relaxed and casual, our 9:00 morning service offers Sunday School for children through grade six. The service has a contemporary vibe with a blend of modern worship music and updated traditional hymns.

1:30 Café VEF

1:30 Café VEF

After lunch, feed your soul!

Upbeat and casual, our afternoon service offers members the opportunity to participate in growing, interactive, community focused worship experience. Now you can sleep in and still make it to church on time!

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